My Art Biography of Modern, Fine & Abstract Painting

Valentin Donchevski Painting Artist



Some of my works are part of private collections in Canada, Spain, Belgium, USA, Poland, Austria, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Palma de Majorca. I created the illustrations and covers of over 150 books, mainly of Bulgarian authors, in co-operation with Hristo Botev, Zachari Stoyanov and other publishers. There are 3 books with my poetry published. 1993 - "In Spite Of All" -Hristo Botev Publishing House 1999 - "Stairs With Wings" - Zachari Stoyanov Publishing House, 2002 - "44 times In White" - Zachari Stoyanov Publishing House 1999 - "Streets In The Sky", a book with epigrams During the years I have created a lot of posters, logos, emblems, calendar designs, poster projects, etc. My passion for Art Photography helps me for the above practices. I have implemented several architecture design projects for the exterior and interior of public buildings. I participate in a team that creates Bio-energetic Art. My main activities are dedicated to painting. I accomplish plastic searches in styles from magic realism through naive art, surrealism, and expressionism elements to extreme abstraction, as well as folklore manierism, eclecticism, and energy art. I love experimenting with the drawing. I made several drawing art exhibitions. My additional activities include graphics, applied graphics and media arts. Hobbies: music and art photography. I am a member of the chirch choir of Sv. Bogorodica Chirch in Stara Zagora. I live and work in Stara Zagora.